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Man Who Rarely Watches Movies Doing Movie Reviews: review #172. “Rush.”

A 2013 Ron Howard film (available on Netflix) takes a glimpse into the Formula 1 racing rivalry of the mid-70’s between Austrian champion Niki Lauda and Brit starJames Hunt. Starring Daniel Bruhl as Lauda and Chris Hemsworth as Hunt, both hauntingly nearly identical to the real drivers. The plot takes a brief look at how the two drivers first became rivals but focuses on the 1976 F1 season which was the height of the Lauda/Hunt rivalry. Screenplay is fact based with some Hollywood liberties taken. Unfortunately, the film gives one the impression that the two main combatants were bitter enemies with disdain for one another. In fact, the two were friends off the racetrack but that is never revealed. The race scenes are OK at best and there are some moments of “filler pieces” in the script which don’t add a thing to the movie. Bruhl is terrific as Lauda with Hemsworth doing good work as the playboy Brit Hunt. Lauda’s horrific fiery accident in the ‘76 German Grand Prix is re-enacted without over doing it nor making it gruesome. Too much of the film is the bantering of trash talking between Lauda and Hunt which I suspect was Howard’s attempt to drive home the point of their rivalry. We get the point, no hammering necessary. The film is just under 2 hours aside from the rather lengthy credits where everyone on the planet except MWRWMDMR are thanked for their work on this film. If you have zero interest in racing you will have zero interest in this movie. Borderline worthiness of a quarantine viewing and only if you are an enthusiast of F1 racing. MWRWMDMR gives “Rush” ⭐️ ⭐️ 1/2